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Enjoy The Thrill At The Golden Tiger Casino

Golden Tiger Casino is another very popular online casino from the Casino Rewards Group of twelve Online Casinos and five Poker Rooms that people count on. Players feel reassured and comfortable when playing at any of the Casino Rewards online casinos. These casinos do not step back to look after the problems experienced by players in their different online casinos.

Besides assuring to solve problems of the players it arranges for an excellent offering of 1 Hour of Free Spins with the use of 40 £/€/$ of their money to play on their Tomb Raider Video Slots for the players visiting for the first time. You will have to deposit of 20 £/€/$ to transfer any winnings you make for this 1 Hour of Free Spins is 40 £/€/$. Next, if you want to withdraw any of your winnings for this promotion then you must at least wager through your 50% Matching Bonus a minimum of 30 X from your real account. Different online casino games offer different percentages for meeting the wagering through requirements and they are:

  1. Classic Blackjack=2%
  2. Table Poker, all Roulettes excluding American Roulette, Casino War, and Sicbo=50%
  3. Slots, American Roulette, and Parlor Games=100%
  4. Video Poker, all Blackjacks except Classic Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat=10%
    If in any case, you fail to win any money on the 1 Hour of Free Spins there is nothing to worry about because you are still authorized to a 50% Matching Bonus of up to 250 £/€/$ on your first deposit of up to 500 £/€/$ to their online casino.

Before you dive into the online casino games make sure that you are satisfied with your pick of online casino games with their Download Casino at the Golden Tiger Casino. Downloading Casino allows you to access 203 different online casino games which include 38 Card, Parlour & Table Games, 36 Video & Power pokers, 61 Video Slots Games, 20 Progressive Jackpot Games, and 48 Reel Slots Games. Instant Flash Games provides you with the advantage of wagering immediately. Instant Flash ecwon Casino has a much smaller choice of games as compared to the Download Casino which offers a huge variety of online casino games.

The advantage of wagering the Instant Flash Casino is that you may almost be playing immediately though you will have a much smaller choice of games as compared to the Download ecwon sg Casino, which offers the full complement of online casino games. Make sure that you go through every detail and acquire a transparent knowledge of the terms and conditions, privacy, and security before you decide to play at the Golden Tiger Casino.

Basic Rules of Live Roulette

The basic rules of the game if you want to break them down to the bare minimum is to place your bet and hope for the best. Seriously, Roulette is not a difficult game to play. It is not a game of strategy and it is not a game of analyzing, it is a game of pure luck. You choose a table, in most casinos, there is a table with a low minimum bet and one or more tables with high limit bets. If you are a beginner then choose the low bet table. When you sit at the table you are playing with 8 other people, you are playing with these people, they cannot do anything to interfere with your game at all.

The dealer will give everyone different color chips, this is done rather than give money chips because within 8 people playing a dealer cannot keep track of who placed what bet where, the best way to identify bets is to give color chips. The dealer will call place your bets and you have a few minutes to place your chips anywhere on the table you wish. For placing single bets, place your bet with one chip if you want to place more than one bet on numbers that are next to each other either vertically or horizontally then place your chip on the line between the two numbers, you don’t have to place two chips.

The dealer will call no more bets and all players from that point on will not remove to touch the chips in any way. He or she will then spin the wheel in one direction and then spin the small white ball in the opposite direction. The game goes on until the ball and the wheel both stop. Sometimes as the wheel is slowing down the ball may jump into another slot. So the dealer will wait until the ball and the wheel stop before calling a winner.

Once a winner is called then the dealer will hand out the dealer winnings and he will clear the board. You may not put a bet on the table until the dealer clears the whole table. They will call a place your bets ( not all casinos do this, so as soon as the table is clear you can place down your bet ). Then the game starts all over again. Some people like to bet one number all the time figuring that one of these times the number will play out but you can’t always count on that because the odds are not in your favor.

Roulette is a game of chance and luck. Even if you were super smart and figured out the statistics to find out when your number will hit. You would probably run out of money as well as patience by then. If you are going to play roulette expect to lose, set aside a certain set of number dollars and expect to lose it. Once you lose that money move onto another game.